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Blisce Advisors uses cookies in the following cases:

  • To allow the website to work and to allow us  to provide a properly configured content.
  • Fight against fraud by monitoring its connection state.
  • To measure and analyze the activity performed on the website and the use of the services made available on the website, for the proper proceedings of its activity and for the purpose of improving its services according to parameters such as the number of users visiting or using the services, the pages visited, the new or recurring nature of the visitors, the features and content of those services that interested the most the visitors and the way in which these services work on a technical level (speed with which contents download and frequency of technical problems). Blisce Advisors or any supplier of measurement equipment and analytical services may transmit non-personally identifiable data to third parties.


Generally, Internet browsers contain cookie management functions. These functions may allow the User to delete cookies or accept or reject certain categories of cookies.

The User may be able to manage other (non-cookie) tracking technologies via the websites of the companies that provide these technologies or via the operating system of his mobile device.

Blisce Advisors invites users to consult the “Help” section of their browser or the website of the supplier of their computer hardware, software or operating system for more information.

Here are some third-party guides on managing cookies on:

If your browser is not listed here, we recommend a Google search using terms such as “manage cookies” followed by the browser name.

To learn more about cookies, the User can also visit the page which contains additional useful information about cookies and how to block them depending on the type of browser used. If the User rejects or removes cookies, the features and related functions of the Site may not be available and his / her usual performance may be compromised.




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