the liquidity dilemma

We are a private equity liquidity boutique, connecting high-growth technology startups with private investors to ensure best quality deals for both. We source, co-invest, and generate exclusive market opportunities from our network.



/Leveraging human capital

We commit financial, intellectual and human capital to deliver the highest returns on our investment portfolios.
Actively seeking out opportunities in the technology industry, real estate and tangible assets, we dedicate our resources where they will be most productively employed.

/Supporting Epic

EPIC Foundation is a not-for-profit organization based in New York City. Epic Foundation bridges the gap between a new generation of donors - philanthropists, corporations and foundations - and organizations supporting children and youth globally. The team at Epic Foundation develops new tools to enhance how donors select, monitor and experience their impact.

Change Tomorrow Today

Disrupting the philanthropic industry by combining technology and partnerships with change-making leadership.
Epic Foundation