/Resolving the liquidity dilemma

We are a private equity liquidity boutique, connecting high-growth startups with private investors to ensure best quality deals for both on the secondary market. We capitalize on our exclusive network of buy-side and sell-side partners.



/Leveraging human capital

We commit financial, intellectual and human capital to deliver the highest returns on our investment portfolios.
Actively seeking out opportunities in the technology industry, real estate and tangible assets, we dedicate our resources where they will be most productively employed.

/Supporting child wellbeing

We support EPIC Foundation. EPIC’s goal is to “disrupt the act of giving”. This not-for-profit organization supports child wellbeing (health and education) around the world, connecting leading philanthropists with outstanding NGOs, social enterprises and development projects.

Disrupt the act of giving

Through constantly reviewing best practices around the world,
EPiC offers an integrated supply of the most advanced tools and services to select, monitor and experience the impact of the chosen projects.


Alexandre Mars
Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur and expert in new technologies, digital communication and an engaged philanthropist.

Over the last 15 years, Alexandre Mars has successfully launched and sold several companies in Europe and the US within various business sectors including venture capital, Internet, mobile, social media and advertising. Two of his most recent startups, Phonevalley (the world’s largest mobile agency) and ScrOOn (a social media management system), were sold to Publicis Groupe and Blackberry, respectively. Alexandre lives in New York with his wife and 3 children, home to his beloved Jets and Yankees.


Charles-Henri Prévost

A first-class deal-maker; a business angel and expert in new technologies.

Charles-Henri Prévost was previously the Chief Operating Officer at Phonevalley (sold to Publicis Groupe), and co-founded the software company Scr00n (sold to Blackberry). Passionate about entrepreneurship, he currently advises various technology startups.
Charles-Henri received a Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship from HEC Business School in Paris, a Master’s Degree in Technologies from Dauphine University (Paris IX), and a BS in Economics from Dauphine University (Paris IX). Charles lives in Paris.